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Chemlight Kit Refill

Chemlight Kit Refill

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Our pull tabs from the Chemlight Kit are designed to be re-used, but you might not always be able to retrieve them. Our Chemlight Kit Refills include 6 pull tabs to replace yours as they go MIA.

There are two variants of pull tabs: serrated and smooth edge. allowing you to distinguish between multiple chemlights by feel, even through gloved fingers. Additionally, our new pull tabs are two-tone, with Coyote brown on one face and Multicam on the opposite, allowing you even more ways to visually distinguish between your chemlights.

Our pull tabs and Chemlight Kit were designed specifically to work with Cyalume chemlights that are available on our website. (link)

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    Each refill comes with 6 pull tabs: 3 straight edge, and three serated.


    Our pull tabs are proudly made in America from laser-cut 500D Cordura laminate in licensed multicam patterns.