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Chemlight Kit™ Refill

Chemlight Kit™ Refill

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Our pull tabs from the Chemlight Kit are designed to be re-used, but you might not always be able to retrieve them. Our Chemlight Kit Refills include 6 pull tabs to replace yours as they go MIA.

There are two variants of pull tabs: serrated and smooth edge. allowing you to distinguish between multiple chemlights by feel, even through gloved fingers. Additionally, our new pull tabs are two-tone, with Coyote brown on one face and Multicam on the opposite, allowing you even more ways to visually distinguish between your chemlights.

Our pull tabs and Chemlight Kit were designed specifically to work with Cyalume chemlights that are available on our website. (link)

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    Based on 136 reviews
    Cody S
    Lightcap fits great and works awesome!

    Great product, fast shipping. Will be ordering more gear from One Hundred Concepts!

    Works as intended

    Does exactly what’s it’s supposed to do. Only have a couple hundred rounds with it on the rifle. I will be putting these on all my builds in the future.

    Zach Boswell
    The Best!

    Got the Shock Collar and Light Cover for the Rein 2.0 and absolutely love it! They released the Coyote Tan version a day or two after I ordered the OG version, and I would have rather gotten that, but nonetheless the OG light cover is snappy and secures tightly!

    Gian Agar
    Awesome Stuff

    Simple and effective piece of equipment. Highly recommended.

    Simple yet very useful design

    ScopeCap is simple and it works. Protects the glass and easy to remove. Won't fall off and get lost in a pinch. If you have an LPVO, pairing the cap at the eyepiece end with a ShockCollar is a must. Going from 1x to 6x, for instance, will re-orient the ScopeCap if you're using the Range band. ScopeCap moves with the eyepiece when you zoom in and out if you use the ShockCollar.

    Light Cap?

    So I purchased this at a discount while purchasing the scope caps I needed.

    That said, I put this on a rifle where I was using a Half-bikini scope cover for a 32mm rifle scope bell to cover the reflector on my rifle light. The Half-Bikini cap cover did the same job, cost a dollar in a second hand bin. It didn't look good, but it worked well enough. It weighs about as much as the Light Cap. Also in a light ND situation, the Half-Bikini did better at arresting the light, the Light Cap spilled a significant amount of light back at me.

    The parts I'm impressed with are how it snaps back into place and how good it looks on my rifle. I'm REALLY impressed with how much better it looks over the Half-Bikini cover that I was using to cover my rifle light. The Install was pretty easy too.

    I'm keeping it on my rifle, but I'm not going to get many more. YMMV.

    Love It

    Love the RMR kill flash by One Hundred Concepts! It locks onto the RMR much more securely than the kill flash by Trijicon. I would have problems with the Trijicon cover popping off of my ACOG ECOS when slinging it across my chest with a plate carrier. Now that problem is history!


    Got these for my nx8 sizing guide was accurate and instructions were easy to follow. Looks great and functions as described

    Well worth the money

    I had another company's scrim before hand, I won't name them beause I don't believe in shaming small businesses, but it left something to be desired of. My setup is mainly MC tropic so I figured I'd try the OHC instead to see if it was any better, it is. Fits much better and isn't extremely tight, nice laser cut cordura instead of flimsy material that will break as soon as it snags, and looks cool, which as we know is the most important part.

    Exactly what I needed

    I like this design a lot more than traditional caps. I abuse mine pretty good and these hold up nicely.

    William Marcom
    Light caps

    Ordered two light covers for my arisaka lights with malkoff heads. Small size fit perfect on my E2HT head. Medium size was a little bigger than the E2XTL head on the other. Both work fine and are a simple yet elegant solution to keeping carbon off the lenses and prevent ND'ing my white light under NODS. Having 2 pressure switches sucks but this fixes that issue well enough for me.

    Gregory Webb
    Light cap

    Works great.

    Bert Jocks
    Light Cap & Shock Ring

    Bought the light cap with the ranger band retainer for my Streamlight Protac weapon light.
    Worked as advertised & I was pleased but wanted to try the Shock Ring with the Light Cap setup on my Rein 3. Works perfect. Had to play with where to situate the tensioning screw because my light sits very close to my BUIS but made it work. I’ll order again.

    Absolutely love it!

    Upon receiving it, the install was quick easy it’s straight to the point. I ended up installing it on my colt upper 11.5, and I paired it with my Surefire Scout light. Fellas if you’re in the market for a Lightcap, this is it. Protect your investment from carbon buildup.

    Logan J
    Quality Product

    Bought one for my Modlite plh and loved it so much i turned around and bought another for my okw. Easy to install, easy to actuate & serves multiple purposes. Worth every penny, thanks again!

    Light Cap

    Great product. Great customer service. Arrived in less than a week.

    Justin Smith
    Great product and better service

    Awesome sturdy product and even better customer service.

    Great product and better then just the Ranger bands.

    Great product.

    Larry Willis
    Best light cover

    These light covers work great. Nice fit and finish. Easy to install. Looks cool

    Sean Palmer
    Works great

    The instructions were helpful in getting the fitment just right. They got all my lights per the sizes I ordered.

    ScopeCap Pro™
    cameron young

    Awesome products and even better customer service! These guys give a shit!


    Best light cap in the business & great bang for the buck, would highly recommend.

    Nice little thingy

    Avoid blinding yourself accidentally.

    Just what I needed

    No hinges to break, the cords are strong, and these are really easy to work with. Got these for future hunting trips and looking forward not to have to worry about broken caps. The anti-reflection device works great and if it were to get dirty it's simple to just set away from the lense. All in all great design.