ScopeCap: Elevating Your Precision Game

ScopeCap: Elevating Your Precision Game

Ever fumbled with an ill-fitting scope cover or worried about lens protection during transport? The ScopeCap is here to change that. Let's dive deep into how this small, but indispensable, accessory by One Hundred Concepts is making a big difference in precision shooting.

The Tactical Advantage of Using Scope Covers

Precision shooting is an art, a blend of skill, equipment, and environment. At the center of this convergence is the rifle scope, a critical tool that can make the difference between hitting the bullseye and missing the mark entirely.

But like any finely tuned instrument, a scope requires protection to ensure it delivers optimal performance. A scope cover offers numerous benefits for every shooter, from the novice to the professional:

Protection From Physical Damage

Rifle scopes are a blend of intricate optics and fine-tuned mechanics. Dust, debris, and even the occasional bump can cause scratches or misalignments. A quality scope cover protects the lens from dirt and accidental knocks, ensuring your scope's longevity and consistent performance.


Especially relevant in tactical and hunting scenarios, reflections from a scope lens can give away a shooter's position or scare away game. Modern scope covers, like the ScopeCap from One Hundred Concepts, are designed to mitigate reflections, providing an edge in stealth.

Optimal Lens Clarity

Raindrops, fingerprints, or a fine layer of dust can impede vision. By using a scope cover, you ensure that when you're ready to take that shot, your vision is unobstructed and crystal clear.

Aid in Rapid Target Acquisition

A well-designed scope cover, with features like a quick flip-tab, can be quickly removed, allowing shooters to acquire their targets rapidly without fumbling, especially in high-pressure situations.

The ScopeCap: A Game Changer in Optic Protection 

a man aiming his rifle equipped with One Hundred Concept's ScopeCap

Precision shooting demands the best from both the shooter and their equipment. Recognizing a gap in the market for a streamlined, functional, and versatile scope cover, we stepped up with the introduction of the ScopeCap.

Beyond just being a protective accessory, the ScopeCap reimagines the entire concept. Its sleek, low-profile design ensures that it never becomes a hindrance, sitting flush with the scope and eliminating concerns of snagging or accidental nudges. This design not only facilitates rapid target acquisition but is also ideal for any shooter navigating through challenging terrains.

A standout innovation is the signature flipper tab. Seamlessly incorporated into the ScopeCap, it ensures swift and intuitive removal, reducing any chances of fumbling. Such attention to detail means a shooter can stay focused on their target rather than be distracted by equipment adjustments.

The ScopeCap's versatility shines through its range. With seven sizes on offer, it's tailored to fit every scope, from the widely-used LPVOs to the more specialized high-power optics. This ensures that every shooter, regardless of their optic choice, benefits from the enhanced protection and utility the ScopeCap delivers.

Building on the success and functionalities of its predecessor, the ScopeCap Pro offers advanced features, setting new standards in scope protection.

The ScopeCap Pro debuts a distinctive hexagonal lattice on its front lens. This isn’t just a visual tweak. When flipped up, the lattice minimizes obstruction, offering a clear sightline. Additionally, it’s adept at reducing downrange reflections, keeping shooters concealed.

With our ScopeCap products, we offer our signature OHC-Risk-Free Guarantee™. It's more than just a stamp of quality; it's an assurance of commitment to delivering an exceptional product and experience.

How Is the ScopeCap Made?

The ScopeCap owes its robust nature to a specialized UV-resistant thermoplastic. Not only is this material durable, but it's also resilient against elements. Whether faced with relentless sunlight or the daily grind, it ensures the ScopeCap remains unyielding and long-lasting.

Embracing its American heritage, every ScopeCap component, from the rubber core shock cord to the ranger band, is sourced and assembled in the USA. This homegrown dedication guarantees unmatched quality, ensuring you're getting the very best.

No ordinary band, the ranger band, made from EPDM rubber, stands up to diverse conditions. Whether it’s intense sunlight, humid conditions, or even saltwater exposure, the ScopeCap’s resilience shines, providing consistent protection wherever you go.

Dual-colored shock cords secure the cap firmly, preventing rattles or unintended movements. The color choice? That’s for users to match with their gear or surroundings, adding a touch of customization.

Tips for the Perfect Fit

While the ScopeCap has been designed for user-friendly installation and operation, ensuring a perfect fit can maximize its functionality and durability. Proper setup not only guarantees optimal lens protection but also enhances the shooter's overall experience. 

Here are some tips to ensure that your ScopeCap fits flawlessly and performs at its best:

The ranger band plays a pivotal role in securing the ScopeCap to the scope. For best results, ensure that the ranger band is installed far enough back on the scope. This positioning will allow the ScopeCap to completely clear the bezel when flipped to the side, ensuring a smooth and obstruction-free view.

A loose shock cord can result in the ScopeCap rattling, which might be distracting, especially during critical moments. To achieve the perfect tension:

  • First, with the ranger band in position and the ScopeCap flipped to the side, ensure there's no slack.
  • Then, pull on the shock cord behind the ranger band to remove any slack. This tensioning ensures a firm fit, keeping the ScopeCap steady during movement and minimizing any chances of accidental dislodging.

Precision Perfected

a macro shot of One Hundred Concept's ScopeCap

The ScopeCap has truly redefined scope lens care, offering both protection and functionality. As precision shooting evolves, so should the tools that accompany it. And with products like our ScopeCap and ScopeCap Pro, shooters are well-equipped for the challenges ahead. Are you ready to elevate your precision shooting game?

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