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Gear Aid

Camo Form Gear Wrap

Camo Form Gear Wrap

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CamoForm by Gear Aid is a reusable self cling gear wrap that we use on our rifles and other gear. Best used in conjunction with gear that has already been spray painted, CamoForm helps break up hard lines (such as rail sections) that the human eye very easily distinguishes from things in nature. Additionally, it cover any glossy surface with matte fabric texture, reducing reflections.

We are stocking three patterns: Mossy Oak Obsession, Multicam and Snow. We've found these to be incredible effective for our region. For the Southeastern US, we recommend using more of the Mossy Oak Obsession in the spring and summer and transition to the Multicam for Fall and Winter.

Whatever you use it on, we think it's one of the best bangs for your buck in terms of camouflaging gear for both the visible and IR spectrum that also provides flexibility for the changing seasons.

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