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  • Eliminate the noise signature of sling hardware
  • Prevent twisting and binding that happens with QD swivels
  • reduce the bulk of unnecessary hardware

Sling QDs are extremely useful... They are also noisy. Designed to have all the benefits of being able to rapidly remove a sling without the added rattling of metal-on-metal QDs and sockets. Our ParacordQD™ is a simple retention point that features a spring-loaded lock for you to clip in and out of after adding a small loop of paracord in your sling end. Available in both MLOK and Picatinny versions, you'll be able to easily add this to your handguard and effortlessly remove the jumbled mess of metal that rattles and clanks everywhere you walk, giving away your position.

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If you buy a ParacordQD™ and aren’t completely happy with it, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked. We love our products and believe you will too.
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We only offer these in an MLOK and Picatinny variant. Neither will work directly with KeyMod. This isn't a personal attack on those who still own KeyMod; we wouldn't want to upset all 12 of you. ;)


One ParacordQD™ with hardware to mount it to your rail.


The ParacordQD™ is proudly made in America.

The body is made from an incredibly durable, UV-resistant thermoplastic and secured with MLOK hardware sourced from MagPul.

We have made aluminum prototypes and will consider offering those at a later date for those who think the 120lb tensile strength is insufficient. (See section on "Strength" below)

The wireform is made from spring steel and heat treated after forming to ensure optimum function and longevity.


To quickly remove your sling-loop from the ParacordQD™, grab the loop on the side of the ParacordQD™ closest to you, lay the loop accross the spring arms, and pull down and back to compess the sling and allow the loop to slide off.


Yes, the ParacordQD™ is made from polymer, but that doesn't mean it's weak. In our testing, it has an ultimate tensile strength of 120 lbs for forces pulling perpendicular to the longitude of the rail.

We understand some of you will not trust polymer regardless and so we are working on an aluminum version pending enough interest.