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The SlingHook is a simple solution to the common problem encountered when rucking with a rifle: The load lifters of the pack do not allow the rifle sling to distribute the weight across the wearer's back, ultimately placing the burden on the wearer's neck, causing fatigue and chaffing.

If your rifle is uncomfortable to carry with a pack, it’s easy to resort to carrying it haphazardly with a ruck. This is a simple tool that can make a difference in keeping your rifle comfortably at the ready.

The SlingHook attaches to the shoulder straps of the pack and allows the load to be distributed to the shoulders straps where weight is designed to be carried. One SlingHook can be used with the rifle worn in the typical cross-body fashion, or two can be worn for even more comfort and symmetric loading of the body.

At this time they’re only available in black, but we encourage you to rattle can them if camouflage is required for your kit.


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INCLUDES: 1x SlingHook, 1x 8” hook-and-loop strap


The SlingHook is made in the USA from an incredibly durable, UV-resistant thermoplastic & attaches using a hook-and-loop strap allowing it to fit any pack on the market.


Every sling is set up a little differently and as such you might find that you run into snags. If so, you can try moving buckles and such around, but often switching the SlingHook to the opposite shoulder will remedy any snags.