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Anti-Reflection Devices (ARDs): The Ultimate Guide

Anti-reflection devices (ARDs) are a pivotal component in the realm of firearm accessories. Let’s examine what ARDs are, how they function, and their role in enhancing performance in hunting, tactical, and military operations.

Understanding Anti-Reflection Devices

ARDs hold a unique and important place in the realm of firearm accessories. To truly understand their importance, let's look at what ARDs are and how they function.

What are ARDs?

Anti-reflection devices are specialized accessories designed to minimize or eliminate reflections for devices like rifle scopes, red dot sights, and binoculars.

They play an important role by helping maintain an element of surprise in hunting, tactical, and military operations where the slightest glare can betray a shooter’s position.

The most popular type of anti-reflection devices for rifle scopes are ARD caps. However, some shooters use lens coatings or scope sunshades.

How is an ARD cap different from a scope lens coating or a rifle scope sunshade?

The difference between scope anti-reflection devices, lens coatings, and sunshades lies in their design and function. 

  • ARD caps are physical attachments that you place over the end of a scope.
  • Lens coatings are thin layers applied directly to the lens surface.
  • Scope sunshades extend forward from the end of the scope.

However, an ARD cap has a few significant advantages over the other anti-reflection scope accessories.

Why choose an ARD rifle scope cap over a scope lens coating?
  • Removable and versatile: ARD caps can be removed or added as needed. This allows you to adapt to different lighting conditions or tactical requirements quickly.
  • Physical protection: Caps offer an extra layer of physical protection for the lens.
  • Zero impact on optical quality: ARD caps are external attachments that don't alter the optical quality of the rifle scope. Adding additional coatings to certain high-quality lenses can potentially alter the image clarity or color fidelity.
Why choose an ARD rifle scope cap over a scope sunshade?
  • Better concealment: ARD caps are more effective than scope hoods or sunshades in reducing the visible signature of the lens.
  • Smaller size and weight: ARD caps are usually smaller and lighter than sunshades. This makes them a more convenient option for mobile or space-constrained activities.
  • Compatible and easy to use: ARD caps are designed to fit snugly onto the lens so they’re easy to attach and remove. In contrast, scope sunshades can require more specific fittings.

A picture of the ScopeCap, an ARD for a rifle scope, on a brown surface.

How do ARD caps work?

Scope anti-reflection devices use a honeycomb pattern that resembles the inside of a beehive. But this design isn't just for aesthetics.

The hexagonal structure plays a crucial role in how ARDs work.

  • It stops light from reflecting off the scope: When light enters the honeycomb, it gets trapped and the chances of unwanted glint or glare are significantly lowered.
  • It doesn’t interfere with scope optics: What's more, the honeycomb design doesn't compromise the clarity or brightness of the optic view. This ensures that shooters can aim accurately without any disruptions to their sight picture.

Choosing the Right ARD

Here are a few factors you should consider to help you make the right choice.

Compatibility with your rifle scope

When choosing an ARD cap, you need to ensure it's compatible with your specific rifle scope or red dot sight. The product description or user manual often provides this information. 

Ease of installation

When fitting ARD caps to rifle scopes, look for snap-fit designs, like our ScopeCap Pro, that can be attached securely in seconds. This not only saves time but also ensures the ARD cap stays firmly in place during use.

One Hundred Concepts' ARDs

One Hundred Concepts offers two singular ARD devices for your rifle scope and red dot sight.

ScopeCap Pro

The ScopeCap Pro, an anti-reflection device, mounted on a rifle scope.

To enhance your shooting experience while maintaining protection and stealth, our ScopeCap Pro stands out as an exceptional choice. 

  • Multiple sizes: ScopeCap Pro is designed to accommodate different sizes of rifle scopes. It's available in 30mm, 33mm, 34mm, 36mm, 39.5mm, VCOG-6, and VCOG-8.
  • Protective durability: Constructed from Nylon polymer material, the ScopeCap Pro is built to withstand harsh conditions and protects your scope lenses when not in use. 
  • Fast removal: The ScopeCap Pro features our unique flipper tab that makes it swift and effortless to remove from your scope's bezel. 
  • Low profile: When not in use, the ScopeCap Pro maintains a more streamlined appearance compared to conventional flip-style scope caps.


The HexCap, an ARD, mounted on a rifle red dot sight.

Our HexCap (designed for red dot sights) not only embodies the essential function of ARDs but also brings unique features that set it apart in the market.

  • Easy installation: The HexCap is a snap-fit ARD designed to be easily and securely attached to your red dot sight in seconds and doesn’t require any extra hardware. 
  • Low profile design: The HexCap doesn't add unnecessary bulk to your equipment, ensuring that it won’t hinder your shooting.

Need both the ScopeCap Pro and HexCap? We offer an Anti-Reflection Kit so you can have the best of both worlds.

OHC-Risk-Free Guarantee

As a testament to its quality and performance, all of our products are backed by the OHC-Risk-Free Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our product, you can return it for a full refund. 

Embracing Excellence with ARDs

ARDs offer a unique combination of glare reduction and optical clarity preservation to keep your scope unobstructed and your position concealed. Embrace the tactical advantage of an ARD to elevate your performance and stealth.

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