Independence Day Reflection

Independence Day Reflection

This Monday is July 4th. The day we celebrate our liberty won through the extraordinary efforts of ordinary men by the grace of God. We've often wondered if there are any men today of founding-father caliber. Are there still people of high moral standing, of great industry and intellect, who are willing to lay it all on the line to secure an inheritance for their children of "Liberty and Justice for all"?

Sure, America has strayed from the freedoms and values we once guarded so vigilantly. We've allowed seeds of apathy and convenience to sprout, and tolerated tares of contempt. In our prosperity, we have forgotten the value of our birthright. Many of us have not tasted the sweat or seen the blood that our freedom cost.

But we are encouraged to see an increased appreciation of the value of that freedom. That is the first step. Take some time to reflect this weekend on the unprecedented freedom that you have, of your ancestors who wanted this life for you so badly they sacrificed their own. There is a blossoming pride in the values at the core of our nation and we should nurture is. From that blossom comes fruit. We are encouraged because there is a resurgence of the type of men and women with the heart, strength, and spirit to secure our freedom. Let us strive to be of founding-father caliber, to be a generation that truly believes "In God We Trust". Let us be Good, Dangerous, and live a life worthy of the Freedom that was purchased for us.

Go spend time with your family this weekend, take in the beauty of our land, thank God for His favor on this country, refresh your souls. Thank you to all of those in our Military who have seen firsthand the price of freedom, for those in Law Enforcement who seek justice and uphold our constitution, and to all the ordinary citizens who are giving of their personal time and resources to be a bulwark of freedom. You make us proud to be Americans.

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