Big News from Our Little Shop!

Big News from Our Little Shop!

Hey there!

Hope you're doing great today. We’ve got some cool updates from our corner of the world at One Hundred Concepts and just couldn’t wait to share them with you!

New Space

Remember when we were working out of my backyard? Well, we’ve leveled up! A month ago, we rented a little shop that needed some TLC. Thanks to Jonah’s brother-in-law, it’s now less ‘worn-out’ and more ‘our new home’. We moved in two weeks ago, and it feels great to have a space that’s all ours.

Team One Hundred

We also welcomed two rockstars to our team. Garrett Barnes jumped on board first. He’s an old friend and now the go-to guy for making sure you love every bit of your experience with us. Then, we got Logan Smith in the mix, who’s all about making our website easy to use. His first order of business is fixing those tricky sizing tools for LightCaps and ScopeCaps.


Big move yesterday – we literally moved… our inventory, that is! You may not know this, but we’ve had a third part fulfilling all of our orders up til now. Yesterday Logan, Jonah, and Barnes rented a U-Haul, took a little road trip, and now all our stuff is right here in our shop. That means we’re packing and sending your orders with our own hands starting today!

Follower Milestone

We just hit 50k followers on our Instagram! We polled our Instagram followers on how we could say thank you and the majority of you wanted us to run a sale. So stay tuned for that!

A Big Thank You

Honestly, we’re just four regular guys here, but your support means we get to do what we love and keep making products to help you become more dangerous. We plan to have a celebratory sale as soon as we get the hang of fulfillment and get everything back in stock, but until then, this is just a huge thank you for sticking with us and supporting our small business.

Warm regards,

Garrett Miller


One Hundred Concepts

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