Education Blog Primer

Education Blog Primer

We wanted to give a quick primer to these education posts and set the record straight.

Who are we?

In most cases, we are not subject matter experts. In fact, we try to learn a wide variety of skills which makes being a SME very difficult. We are civilians who are striving to continually learn to grow our capabilities to do good, be dagerous, and live free

What do we share? 

We share the knowledge that we have learned and feel that we have an acceptable level of proficiency in. Much of this knowledge has come from simply researching in books, blogs, and frankly a lot of YouTube, But everything we share is something that we have put to the test for ourselves. Wherever possible, we find people who are far more knowledgeable than us on the subject and learn from them. 

Why do you share?

1. Because others have invested a lot of time to teach us these things and we want to pass it along to as many people as we can. Because America needs strong men, capable men, dangerous men to ensure the liberty, and justice for all. Because these are the things that grow us in our capability to be those men.

2. We post much of this info to our Instagram page, but that will get pushed down the list with each post. Additionally, that info is vulnerable to loss as Instagram shuts down accounts with increasing regularity, particularly those that show Americans exercising their second amendment rights in the truest sense.


We hope you find this a useful repository of information to reference and disseminate to your community. 

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