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  • 3-Position ApertureSlider for rapid focusing and ultimate protection
  • Blackout position for daytime outdoor protection and black-boxing*
  • Sacrificial lens for force-on-force training*
  • ShockCollar  included for ApertureCap and retention lanyards
  • Patent Pending

Night vision users are all too familiar with the benefits of a refocusing device, with the "DIY Refocus Cap" often being the first mod any new NVG owner does. by constricting the aperture of the NVG, your depth of field becomes much deeper, and more of what occupies your field of view becomes in focus. This is extremely helpful in situations where doing any type of administrative work, like map reading or manipulating objects. It's also useful in situations where engagement distances change rapidly, like CQB inside structures.

Unlike other refocus devices on the market, ApertureCap™ does not require fine adjustment to adjust the focusing. It also has cutouts along the FoF Cap that allow for easy adjustment of focus distance on the NVG itself. If you enter an area that is too dim, simply reach up and flip the tab on the ApertureCap™ to move the constricted aperture out of the way. Finally, a 'blackout" side with a textured confirmation has been added so that you can utilize your NVGs during the day or in lit structures and confirm by touch that your NVGs are completely blacked out.

The included ShockCollar™ and shock cord come in the familiar black/tan options, and allows you to firmly secure the ApertureCap™ to any Carson Style rear optics (RPO Optics Version COMING SOON). This ShockCollar™ also includes a 3rd tab for easy looping of retention lanyards.

*One Hundred Concepts makes no promissory of warranty for any damage to night vision devices when using ApertureCap™. The burden is on you to know the conditions of your equipment and to prevent damage to it.


Backed by our OHC-Risk-Free Guarantee™
If you buy a LightCap™ and aren’t completely happy with it, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked. We love our products and believe you will too.
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The 37mm was designed for the ubiquitous PVS-14 lenses and thus fits the majority of night vision devices on the market.

Confirmed 37mm Fits:

  • PVS-7
  • PVS-14
  • RNVG
  • RNVG
  • RNVG-A
  • PVS-31D

Confirmed 35mm Fits:

  • AN/PVS-31A
  • BNVD

Note: Known fits are with stock lenses . Cannot confirm fitment with aftermarket replacement lenses.


1x Mounting Body.

1x Polycarbonate sacrificial lens with optical grade anti-smudge anti-scratch coatings.

1x Low-profile cap with 3-Position ApertureSlider™

1x ShockCollar with additional routing loops to give you secure retention options.

1x Shock cord retention lanyard with cord lock.


The ApertureCap is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA from American sourced materials.